Monday, 13 July 2015

Handmade Rose & Lavender Sugar Scrub

It's not often that I will shell out for body scrubs, body lotion or the like. Usually I get them in the form of birthday and christmas presents which last me for the year. More recently, I have been making my own. It is fun, cheap, really easy and, more importantly, it bloody well works!

This is a rose and lavender sugar scrub that I whipped up this evening while watching Coronation Street. It smells beautiful and will work wonders on my skin! I will let you in on how I did it!

What you will need

Sugar (just your average Joe granulated sugar)
Dried Rose Petals (I got these from Ebay for next to nothing)
Dried lavender (again, from my good mate Ebay)
Rape Seed Oil (a supermarket jobby, although I got a bulk load for a good price from, you guessed it, Ebay)
Witch Hazel (I don't always use this, but I find a splash helps with complexion and is great if you suffer from spots, like me. You can get it from places like Superdrug, or Ebay of course)

So what do I do now?

Mix it all together! I don't really measure out the ingredients, I just eyeball it (I love that terminology!). I would say use about half the amount of oil as you have sugar - add it slowly and you will see when you get to the right consistency. Crumble up the rose petals with your fingers and stir that and the lavender in. Add a splash of Witch Hazel if you like and you're done! Whack it in a mason jar. Either give it away as a lovely gift, or get in the shower and scrub to your hearts content. I always use coconut oil in some concoction or other to moisturise - more on my love of coconut oil to follow!

Let me know if you try this out, or if you have other body scrub recipes - I would love to hear from you!